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Suomen valtion menot

Suomen valtion menot ja kehysriihen esitykset Ohesta valtiontalouden visualisointi, jonka aiheene valtion budjetoidut menot ja kevään 2014 hallituksen kehysriihen esitykset Suomen valtiontalouden kohentamiseksi. Valtioneuvoston kanslian julkaisemat erittelyt...

Gold infographics

Glimpse on gold Finally it is here: a live online pilot on gold! Creating the commodity card template took time, but finally we have a draft of things to come. I myself have been interested in commodities for a long time already. When I started my career in banking I...

Sochi 2014 medal gainers

Sochi 2014 medals – winners and losers. It’s not always so that the biggest are the best. Efficiency is rarely measured in sports, other than the winner. Winners have earned their medals and glory, but often we forget those, who performed better than they...


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