Gold infographics

Glimpse on gold

Finally it is here: a live online pilot on gold! Creating the commodity card template took time, but finally we have a draft of things to come.

I myself have been interested in commodities for a long time already. When I started my career in banking I started to follow gold. Prices, characteristics, markets, and so on. Commodities – metals, live stock, grain etc. – all have their physical purpose, but also their abstract form in future contracts, certificates, indices and many other forms. In this case we started with gold, witch is highly intriguing because of its history as human kinds measure of wealth. Gold is used for many things and mostly worlds production and reserves go to jewellery and technology industries. Historically gold has been seen correlation with oil and monetary instrument prices and people still consider gold to be a solid currency for investing. Last year has not been good for gold companies, mainly because of falling market prices. Recent events in Russia have however shown that investors tend to go back to gold when things look gloomy.

The idea behind commodity cards concept is to provide a glimpse to these subjects. What they are used for, what kind of market they have, what sort of companies work in this segment and price development. All this is of course just a scratch and there are tons of things that could be added. We do the best we can to summarise relevant material to a classic A4 size. Hopefully you will find these bits of information interesting. Please send feedback on card layout, information and of course visuals. Also ideas of what kind of subject would be interesting to see in the future, are welcome.



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