The World Merchant Fleet

Summer is the key time to go ship-spotting, so what would be better than to dream about beautiful ships of all sizes. When collecting the material, a question rose:  how many ships there actually are in the world? As a result we discovered the size of the Merchant Fleet, including all commercial ships in the world.

Quite a lot of ships

The study leaves out non-commercial private vessels and boats. According to our findings there were around 81 000 commercial ships  travelling worlds oceans and seas in year 2011. Subject is interesting, since sea traffic and logistics business is on the verge of critical over-capacity. Ship yards all over world manufacture government funded massive projects to boost their economies. A large vessel order can be one figure percentage of GDP even for a rich nation, which makes these projects tempting to acquire even with huge risk and dim future usage outlook.

All feedback, comments and poster orders (A2) are welcome. Enjoy the summer and go spot some ships.

Feedback, comments, and poster-orders

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