Sochi 2014 medal gainers

Sochi 2014 medals – winners and losers.

It’s not always so that the biggest are the best. Efficiency is rarely measured in sports, other than the winner. Winners have earned their medals and glory, but often we forget those, who performed better than they were supposed to. This – and all-time first – visualization of UniGraphcs present the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics medal gainers. The idea is to bring visually out the scorecard, which country won and how much, and also to compare the gained medals to basic demographic backgrounds.

The short and a bit simplified study showed that some small countries with and averagely low income level (GDP per capita) performed very well, compared to their rivals. This is of course possible because the representation slots are allocated by Olympic organization and individual successes brings medals also in niche sports. You would never see China at the top of this illustration even though they would win all the medals, but this hopefully gives you some idea that even the small can sometimes be very good. We don’t mock the big. Just want to point out the difference between countries with different level of starting point and that opportunities rise also in the non-top5 big budget giant organizations. Saying this, we raise our hats and clap our hands especially to Slovenia and Latvia, well done.

Since this is the first actual publication to this site, and not broadly advertized, we appreciate all the comments and feedback you have time to give us.

The see the graphics, please click the image below.



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